We are experts in Environmental Monitoring and Equipment Design. We specialize in the following:

Research & Development and prototyping of electronic circuits.

Design and manufacture of the RGS - 100 Siphoning Rain Gauge  and the RGS - 100HL Siphoning Rain Gauge & Flow Meter. These units have no moving parts and are calibrated for the life of the equipment.

Design and manufacture of SP - 1 Snow Pillow and PG - 1 Twelve-Month Precipitation Gauge. Self-calibrating and always accurate within 2 mm of precipitation. The best known way to measure year round precipitation without the use of expensive and fragile pressure transducers. TOTALLY solid state and easily transportable.

Complete Weather Stations
Site engineering
Data Loggers & associated software
Radio Path Calculations
Temperature Humidity Sensors
Evaporation Pans
Installation of complete environmental monitoring systems
Maintenance and Service Contracts on all equipment


AXINUM Innovations & Technologies
670 Marlisa Place • Victoria • BC • Canada • V9B 4Y8
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